Climbing plants

              Climbing plants are truly magnificent when grown in just the right place. Do you have an ugly wall that needs covering? Climbing vines are your answer!

              Jasmine, a very fragrant vine

              Jasmine and its fragrant smell are enchanting and exotic. Here is what you need to know about jasmine and tips on caring for it to get beautiful blooms.
              Cluster of white jasmine flowers

              Nasturtium, a cute climbing flower

              Nasturtium is a cute annual climbing vine that will gleefully decorate your hedges, fences, pergolas or low walls with orange and yellow flowers.

              Allamanda, the Golden Trumpet

              Even though it doesn’t hold very well to the cold, allamanda is a plant that perfectly decorates Mediterranean-type gardens.
              Allamanda vine, the golden trumpet

              Fragrant climbing vines…

              Climbing vines have the advantage of being very ornamental. When on top of this, they’re fragrant and smell good, too, they become the ideal candidate to grow in your garden or on your terrace!
              Orange-yellow honeysuckle, a fragrant climbing vine

              Fragrant vines!

              Sweet honeysuckle scent, spell-binding jasmine fragrance… Fragrant vines teleport us to richly-scented memories!
              Vines that are fragrant, such as wisteria
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