Special reports

              The world of gardening is as vast as the imagination of each of us gardeners can make it. These reports highlight some of nature’s surprises.

              Using rainwater for the garden

              Wondering about harvesting rainwater for the garden? Apart from the usual environmental and ethical considerations that may drive you to find something better than tap water to water the garden, there’s also that simple reality check we sometimes overlook: your wallet! Indeed, tap water as provided by utilities tends to be quite expensive, and prices […]
              Rainwater tank connected to gutter spout

              Swing set, perfect for the garden

              Choosing the right swing set is important when you have children, especially if you want the swingset to last a long time. They can come either in wood or in metal
              Wooden swingset with 5 activities.

              Slate mulch for ravishing flower beds

              Slate mulch will make for most striking contrasts together with your plants. This dark gray stone evokes the harsh weather of Brittany or the immediately
              Slate mulch, perfect for acid-loving plants and shrubs

              Use dead leaves to fertilize and protect plants

              In fall, when trees and shrubs lose their foliage, a thick blanket of useful dead leaves forms in the garden. It is the season to unclog gutters and pick up leaves, and use them for gardens and vegetable plots
              Dead leaves about to fall in the garden

              Gardening the easy way

              Elevated garden boxes, elevated planters and other solutions are quite convenient for those who want to garden but can’t bend over!
              A raised planter is a great solution for an easy garden.

              The poetic charm of a dressed pergola

              Summer sends its scorching heat out but one spot in the garden offers a cool atmosphere which is perfect for the heat-struck visitor: the canopy pergola covered in plants. An unmistakable feeling of peace calls out from a plant-covered pergola, often set at the entrance of both house and garden. The charm of a pergola […]
              Wooden pergola with blooming wisteria

              Cuttings and propagation, guiding principles

              Preparing cuttings is a very simple plant propagation technique that many plants tolerate perfectly. Its main advantage is that it allows you to reproduce the same exact plant
              Home-grown mint, rose, hydrangea and basil cuttings in either glass with water or soil mix, on a wooden table.

              For a sustainable garden

              To transform your growing beds into spots of high ecological value, here are a few simple tips and solutions. Common sense applies and points the way to sustainable gardening.
              jardinage durable

              Watering – we’re all involved

              Watering is an essential part of gardening – but how should we go about it? 40% of American rivers and 25% of Western and Central Europe’s rivers are extremely polluted.
              Watering, a critical garden task

              Miniature man-made aquifer

              Ever dreamed of having a garden that stays green throughout droughts? Do your water-hogging plants keep you from taking more than a week-end off?
              Two large pans filled with hydrogel water crystals crossed by an irrigation pipe provide a miniature man-made aquifer for plants.

              Affordable garden ideas that are cheap but look great

              Deck, hedge, plants, lawn, garden furniture… Setting up a garden often runs up quite a bill, especially when moving in. Turn into a landscaping pro with these few ideas that’ll help landscape a garden for cheap.
              A lawn chair with comfortable pillows in an affordable garden setting.

              Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

              Do you throw coffee grounds away? Not anymore! Coffee grounds have many uses that can boost your garden and flower beds, just like it gives you a boost
              Used coffee grounds, with a few filters, collected on a gray tabletop before being used in the garden.

              Create a natural pond

              It’s different from a basic fish pond, because a natural pond will tend to attract more insects, dragonflies and birds… Three square yards or meters are all you need to create a little oasis of biodiversity. Both useful and ornamental, the natural pond will bring you many advantages.
              Lily flowers in a natural pond created in a garden.

              Set up a natural pond

              Care for something cool – and refreshing! – in your garden? Set up a natural and eco-friendly pond in your garden, that will welcome lush plants and a host of little animals.
              Pond with plants and rocks

              Keeping mahonia berries

              Just discovered Mahonia berries were edible? Extend the joy and learn all the best ways to keep and preserve
              Mahonia berries pitted and prepared for dehydrating

              How to save bees

              Now that governments are starting to ban insecticides that are the most dangerous to our honey-making friends, a reminder of the situation and the best practices to implement on how to save bees.
              A bee hovers near a lavender flower.

              Ornamental mulch, cocoa hulls

              Cocoa hull is an excellent mulch and an effective seasonal fertilizer. Catching the eye and offering incredible agronomic properties, it is the perfect mulch for any garden plant
              Cocoa hulls used for mulching (also known as cacao husks)

              What is compost exactly? Uses and purpose

              What is compost? Fashion blip or true eco-friendly solution for your plants and garden? Compost is without a doubt the answer to the trending quest for organic produce
              Pile of compost with sign and wheelbarrow

              Pot-in-pot technique for easy annuals

              Annuals are often amazing in their variety and they bring fresh change to the garden. . The pot-in-pot technique is a great way to make replacing them and
              An impatiens remains potted but benefits from being in the ground for water and nutrients.

              Mulch, it protects and decorates your flower beds

              Mulch is a trendy product that protects, decorates and supports plant growth for all your plantations. A natural product, mulching is very beneficial to your plants and your garden, all the while reducing that most cumbersome of garden tasks: weeding!

              A beehive in your garden

              Bees are endangered, especially because the massive use of pesticides. One thing you can do to protect them is to
              Beekeeper opening a hive

              Organic tips for great soil health

              Knowing your soil type, delicately working the ground, associating plants and protecting them without using fertilizer or pesticides, all these tips will lead to healthy organic soil.
              Healthy soil attracts all sorts of beneficial animals like this robin.

              Indoor living plant wall, easy and impressive

              Tiny apartments or one-room studios can also be home to rich plant life. Even if you don’t have a single flat countertop or windowsill to place your nice pots and containers! An amazing indoor plant wall
              Indoor living plant frame with a few plants growing in it.

              Make soil mix from household items

              Turn many items throughout the house into perfectly good soil mix! Especially useful to get started on gardening when under coronavirus lockdown.
              Soil mix can be made from household items
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