The Vegetable Patch

              Advice on how to grow vegetables from seed to harvest, care for them, protect them from diseases, and boost harvests. Natural treatments only!

              Watermelon, how to grow it best

              The epitome of summer fruits, watermelon is easy to grow when it can receive all the summer sun it needs. From sowing to harvest, here are the tips to grow it.
              Watermelon grown and harvested

              Growing mushrooms on coffee grounds

              Mushroom lovers, great news! For one, they are a good source of nutrients for our bodies. For the other, you can grow your own in the comfort of your homes – on recycled coffee grounds! Growing mushrooms is easy with a little guidance. Although you cannot use a normal garden soil, you can use spent […]
              Oyster mushrooms growing.

              Lettuce, tips on growing it

              Lettuce is an easy salad plant to grow, which needs little space and is open to all, even if all you have is a terrace or balcony.
              Different varieties of lettuce grown in a checkered pattern.

              How to grow cucumber

              Cucumber and pickle is easy to grow as long as a few basic practices are followed.
              Cucumber and pickles grow from the same plant.

              Artichoke, how to grow it

              Even if this might come as a surprise to many, the growing of artichoke is relatively simple to pull through.
              Artichoke head raised up against a hazy background.

              Fennel, from seed to harvest

              Fennel is a plant for which the roots are the part we eat and its nutritious and culinary value is exceptional. It is a very good summer vegetable.
              Fennel growing in a vegetable patch.

              Growing butternut gourd

              Butternut gourd, also called simply butternut, is one of the most popular squash varieties.
              Sliced butternut harvest

              Radish, an all-season favorite

              Radish is a root vegetable that is absolutely delicious. It is famous for both its taste and the ease with which it grow.
              Four radish harvest on a cement block

              Sea kale, Crambe maritima – a seaside cabbage both cute and tasty

              Sea kale, or?Crambe maritima, comes as quite a surprise: both in the garden and in the vegetable patch, it’ll trigger questions by curious onlookers! Sea kale, a summary Botanical name – Crambe maritima Common name – Sea kale Family – Cruciferae, Brassicaceae Type – perennial Bearing – clump Height – 12 to?to?28?inches (30?to?70?cm) Planting density […]
              Clump of sea kale with gravel mulch.

              Growing tomato in pots

              Really boosted to grow tomato, but you’ve only got a tiny balcony or terrace and think it’s impossible? Think again!
              Tomato growing and ripening in a pot

              Enjoying tomatoes in the garden

              Biting into the juicy fragrant flesh of a home-grown tomato is within your reach if you have a little space in your vegetable patch.
              Easy-growing tomatoes is child's play, like this toddler savoring a tomato on a bench.

              Swede, the other name of rutabaga

              Swede, also called rutabaga when its flesh is yellow, is an? ancient heirloom vegetable that is particularly well suited to climates where winters are cold and moist.
              chou navet

              Spring sowing and planting in the vegetable patch

              Spring is a busy season for planting and sowing, busy as in “buzzy” since bees and insects have joined the show in the vegetable patch! You need to clean, sow, repot, transplant, and more if you want to harvest
              Rows of lettuce and radish sowed and planted in a spring vegetables patch.

              Mizuna cabbage, japanese greens

              Mizuna looks like lettuce, it is very similar to arugula, but it’s actually a type of cabbage. A crunchy texture and peppery taste are what make it much sought after.
              chou mizuna

              No-treat vegetable patch: easy peasy

              Experiment with companion planting which has by now proven its effectiveness in organic vegetable gardening. It’s easy, all pros and no cons: no treating and less work!
              Potager facile

              Companion planting, preparing the vegetable patch

              Just like humans, vegetables also have friends and foes. Some families stimulate or protect each other. Other families tire each other out and make each other vulnerable. Companion planting is the art of pairing them well!
              Raised beds with companion planting

              Garlic, how to grow it

              Garlic is a perennial vegetable plant which is a must-have in the vegetable patch. It craves sun.
              Cloves of garlic ready for planting

              Corn salad, how to grow corn salad

              Corn salad is an easy type of salad green that is easy to grow, requires little space and is open to all, even if all you’ve got is a balcony or terrace.
              A few leaves of corn salad in the growing bed.

              Beloved red beet

              It can be eaten as a side or main dish, and it is easy to harvest. Such assets will lead you to want to grow red beet in your vegetable patch!
              Different ways of preparing red beet: juice, sliced, sticks
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