Herbs and spices

              A leaf or sprig make any dish a delight. That’s what herbs and spices can do for you! And they’re so easy to grow, they spice up day-to-day life!

              Dill, from growing to harvest

              Dill is delicious with its delicate aniseed-like flavor and it is perfect paired with sauces, marinades and fish.
              Dill leaves with a ladybug in them.

              Marjoram, garden oregano

              Marjoram is a delicate strong-tasting herb, very fragrant and easy to grow. It is perfect to flavor meals.
              Marjoram flowers with a bee

              Basil, very tasty leaves

              Growing basil yourself is easy, and it is even a great idea for all who like to spice up their salads and summer meals!

              Coriander, so fragrant!

              Coriander is an annual perfectly suited to our climates. It is a very fragrant spice herb.
              Coriander growing in a bare patch of clay soil.

              Herbs and spices, everything there is to know about them

              Herbs and spices are unavoidable for those who love both gardening and cooking. It is truly enjoyable to snip a leaf of your very own chives to flavor a lettuce salad, your own mint to pair with strawberries and your own basil to chop onto freshly-picked tomatoes… isn’t it?

              Grow herbs and spices

              Herbs and spices are easy to grow and cook and it’s possible to squeeze them into any nook and cranny of the vegetable patch, flower bed and garden box.
              plantes aromatiques culture

              Mertensia maritima, the oyster plant

              Mertensia maritima, also called oyster plant or oysterleaf, is a surprising plant that tastes quite uncanny for a member of the plant kingdom.
              Mertensia maritima plant crawling along a pebble shore, blooming.

              Sorrel, a unique taste

              Sorrel is a delicious herb plant from which the leaves are eaten. Their acidic taste is quite distinctive.

              Yarrow, an easy herb

              Yarrow, also called “soldier’s woundwort”, is a nice perennial very much liked for its foliage and for its value as a herb and therapeutic relief agent.
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