Indoor plants

              Plants for the house! Whether absent-minded or intently caring, you can welcome plants at home for that exotic feeling or to purify the air.

              Rubber tree, ficus elastica

              The rubber tree, or Ficus elastica, is a very beautiful indoor plant much liked for its shiny thick leathery leaves.
              Potted ficus elastica against white background.

              Adenium, the desert rose

              Adenium is a plant used indoors for its appealing blooming and its surprising ornamental qualities.
              Two adenium flowers on a stem

              Sansevieria, mother-in-law’s tongue!

              Sansevieria, also called Mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant, is a plant native to Africa. Used indoors, it boasts graphic designer leaves and is very ornamental.
              Different sansevieria varieties in pots on a designer kitchen counter.

              Abutilon, an indoor maple

              Abutilon, also called room maple, is a very beautiful plant that blooms from spring to fall. Caring for it is easy.
              Three abutilon flowers and leaves on black background, with yellow petals and red cuppolas.

              Vriesea – a magnificent indoor plant

              In the Bromeliaceae family, the Vriesea really stands out. As original, colorful and exotic as its cousins, Vriesea is simply an astounding indoor plant.
              Blooming red-orange vriesea flower against a black background.

              Growing an avocado tree from seed

              Although growing avocado tree in the ground is only possible in tropical regions or in the Mediterranean area, it is easy to sprout an avocado from seed and grow it indoors.
              Four foot three-year-old avocado grown from seed in a pot with a white background.

              Succulents, delicious eye-candy!

              These fleshy plants with surprising geometric shapes have everything you could wish for in a plant since they’re so beautiful and easy to care for. It’s pretty clear why succulents are so trendy!
              Easy to care for succulents in a glass jar

              Cactus and succulents, 4 easy varieties to grow

              Do you tend to forget watering your plants? Succulents and Cactus are the solution! These plants are virtually care-free. Their many shapes and sizes lend a touch of exotic graphic shapes to your home.
              Cactus plants crowded together.

              Schefflera, a very easy leaf plant

              Schefflera is a plant common in houses, apartments and offices. Its main assets are the beauty of its foliage and its great ease of care.
              Schefflera leaves with a white backdrop.

              Trendy leaf plants

              Amazing and surprisingly easy to care for, Rhipsalis and Zamioculcas are two trendy leaf plants stealing the show in flower shops and garden stores.
              Beautiful woman with nice Rhipsalis indoor plant.

              Tamaya, Begonia maculata

              Tamaya, also called bamboo begonia and Begonia maculata, is a magnificent indoor plant that offers abundant flowers.
              Begonia tamaya pink flowers and maculated leaves.

              Caring for Lucky Bamboo

              Lucky bamboo – the bringer of good fortune – has become a very successful indoor plant.
              Lucky bamboo in a pot filled with gravel

              Jade tree, Crassula ovata

              The jade tree, which makes a perfect bonsai plant, is a succulent that offers magnificent evergreen leafage. Its ornamental appeal make it one of today’s trendiest plants.
              A plastic pot with a small Jade tree growing in it against a hazy background.

              Growing Barberry indoors

              Although often grown as an outdoor hedge, it’s possible to grow a small barberry shrub inside. Simple care and a few smart
              Indoor barberry plants
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