Succulents are slow-growing resilient mysteries of nature. They come in surprising shapes and sizes. Drainage is key to survival.

              Succulents, delicious eye-candy!

              These fleshy plants with surprising geometric shapes have everything you could wish for in a plant since they’re so beautiful and easy to care for. It’s pretty clear why succulents are so trendy!
              Easy to care for succulents in a glass jar

              Cactus and succulents, 4 easy varieties to grow

              Do you tend to forget watering your plants? Succulents and Cactus are the solution! These plants are virtually care-free. Their many shapes and sizes lend a touch of exotic graphic shapes to your home.
              Cactus plants crowded together.

              Jade tree, Crassula ovata

              The jade tree, which makes a perfect bonsai plant, is a succulent that offers magnificent evergreen leafage. Its ornamental appeal make it one of today’s trendiest plants.
              A plastic pot with a small Jade tree growing in it against a hazy background.

              Stonecrop, Sedum spectabile

              A cute succulent that grows on its own, Stonecrop will grant you wonderful blooms when the temperature rises
              Stonecrop bloom shaped like an umbel with pink-rimmed white flowers.

              Pilea, a trendy, stylish plant

              Pilea peperomioides, also called “Chinese money plant”, is a very ornamental plant which is ideal in designer settings.
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